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Virtual DPO

Growth of Privacy regulations throughout US as more and more states adapts privacy rules, companies look to us for their

data privacy needs, our  team provides DPO consultancy services to help you become and stay compliant with regulatory growing mandates.


GDPR and CAPA guidance.


Proven strategies.




Standardized Framework

We didn't think about Cyber Security until our clients started to move to competitors, VCiso service help us quickly prove to ease our clients. We were able to achieve our security goals within a year.


Many of our clients were looking for 3rd party risk assurance on how we work with them securely. We retained CompuMedix to help us, we were able to demonstrate that by virtue of a white paper of implemented controls throughout our processes to demonstrate how we manage the 3rd party data.

RK -VP of Tech Services

Our startup needed to improve cyber security program to protect our rapidly growing business and needs of our customers. CompuMedix was able to integrate themselves with our team and provide guidance to create and implement security and privacy programs.

Cyber Program Management

Does your organization need cybersecurity leadership? Our virtual CISOs can be plugged into your management team to reduce your company’s risk and enable client satisfaction with security-sensitive clients.

We work with your management team to plan and execute a comprehensive cybersecurity program tailor-made for your organization.

Data Management

Data provides a critical foundation for every operation of all small and large organization. Protecting and using it securely is central to a zero trust strategy and demanded by a clients and business partners. We can help achieve your readiness.

Privacy Program Management

Does your organization need to support a growing privacy regulations?

We work with your management team to plan and execute a comprehensive rpivacy program tailor-made for your organization. align right tools to implement to get an immediate improvements in privacy program.

Audit Readiness

Easing the burden of security and privacy compliance Audit through readiness preparedness. Our readiness service utilizes our experience help you prepare and be ready.

Compliance Services

Customers, Consumners  and Business Partners are becoming increasingly wary of how, when and where their information is used. Today, privacy-focused legislation drives infrastructural advancement, but it’s up to you to keep up. With our Privacy and Compliance services, you can better protect sensitive information from cyber threats.

Cyber Insurance

Growth of Cyber attacks and lack of security controls implemention on timely manners makes it hard to be sure of all the cyber risks. To add additional layer of this protection, we help you evaluate your risk profile and guide you to get the right balance of cyber insurance needs to continue business operations in case of a cyber attack.

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