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About CompuMedix

Who we are, what we do and why.

Welcome to CompuMedix Systems, we are  provider of Information Risk Management (IRM) consulting and training: We concentrate on the Assessments, security and privacy program management, and  virtual CISO services for small and midsize companies. With over twenty five years of experience and many satisfied clients from small to the Global 1000 and Fortune 500 companies.  CompuMedix uniquely specializes in helping organizations through the complete solution cycle, from assessment, program management to enabling executive to mange the environment. CompuMedix uses its industry leading expertise to guide our clients through every step necessary to reach their security, compliance and information management goals business leaders strives for.

Our Training program provides security compliance, governance training for security professionals, awareness training for staff to mitigate security and privacy risks and CISO training to prepare executives to achieve their business goals while fulfilling security, privacy and compliance concerns.  

We cover all areas of business communication from paper, unstructured data files, e-mails, databases, transactional data and social media. We help with exponentially growing data volumes by introducing proven and appropriate technology solutions along with providing management control of those risks.

Committed to service excellence, we help companies in the private sector stay ahead of the competition and assist government organizations in meeting the service needs of their communities and helping them comply with regulations. The solutions we provide are essential to meet the regulatory compliance and security needs of our clients’ operations, which is the reason why more and more companies are turning to CompuMedix Systems.


To enable our clients to develop and implement intelligent solutions that efficiently achieve their business, IT, and legal objectives to meet information risk management , information security and regulatory compliance requirements.


CompuMedix will always be the premier provider of intelligent, efficient and reliable solutions for Information Risk Management, Regulatory compliance and educational solutions to meet exponential data growth. We will achieve client satisfaction by delivering unequaled value to our clients. We will to the best of our abilities always remain client focused, solution oriented, straightforward, independent and innovative to bring best value to our clients. Long term partnership with clients will be integral to meet our business objectives. We will be dynamic in meeting the fast-paced evolving need of our clients. Our company culture will foster diversity, innovation, and growth. Our clients will be proud and satisfied to be associated with a dynamic customer centric company.


CompuMedix is the independent provider of information risk management and regulatory compliance consulting services, serving numerous large and medium-size enterprises in various verticals and state and federal government agencies. Our corporate headquarters is located in Allentown, PA and our consultants are located throughout the U.S. We provide services for clients throughout North America.

We are:


CompuMedix works with many vendors as an independent consulting partner, we try to gain deep understanding and technical expertise in their products and provide that expertise to align best interest of our clients. Our clients are always our first priority.


CompuMedix systems have been in business for over Twenty years. Our consultants have in-depth knowledge and real-world experience working with many situations being faced by our client.


CompuMedix services and can be tailored to our clients’ needs, we can provide an end to end solution or just part of it if desired. We are also flexible to work as part of client’s team, independent consultant  or managed service provider.


CompuMedix consulting team member can play multi-functional role, we are advisors, analyst as well as hands on engineers. Our consultants have broad experience and are able to ware multiple hats when necessary. Our ability to multi-function has provided an easy collaboration and understanding with executive management, business, IT, compliance and Legal teams.