Information is new wealth.

In today’s world information is new wealth, do you know how to protect it from cyber attack, preserve privacy and manage compliance. We have helped many clients successfully.

Cyber Security, Privacy and Compliance Risk  Consultation

It all begins with a simple conversation, We can help you evaluate your needs based on your industry and size of the company, evaluating your existing operations and practicesaand aligning with your current and future growth.
Security policies and Programs

Security policy and program team works with your firms of all sizes and indusrty. Regardless of your current security policies nad program maturity, we can offer review, advice and expert support to achieve desired results that help secure and grow your business.

Security Strategy and Architecture

Security startegy and Architetcure professionals can help you make your security program vision a reality. Our extensive experience with verity of technology and soultions allows us  the background to Design security environment that help achieve your security and privacy objectives with cost effectiveness in mind.

Security and Privacy Assessment

Security and privacy team has experience reviewing meaningful security controls for the size and need of an organization. We work to ensure your business is being maintained to your security and privacy specification and remain aligned with your business objetcives and goals.

Awareness Training

Creating a solid policies and operational program is the initial improtant step. Along with our partner, we have a proven record of building effective and sustainable security and privacy awareness training program that support your policies and meet compliance requirements.

Our Process


First step of the process is to identify and assess the busines requirements, digital landscape needs and associated existing technologies.


After completting assessment, review what cyber risks these assets and technology may pose to your business goals and how can you mitigate it?


From the assessment and review phase you may already have a good idea of your Risks and associated mitigation controls. As per identified gaps add additional controls


Cyber Risk process is ongoing, it’s not a destination rather a journey. Based on your Risk profile, create a ongoing schedule to perform assessments and review. Usually, we recommand it be perfomed atleast once a year or when your digital landscape or business goals chanegs.

Rest Assured, Your Company is Covered

We can help you start today with an free assessment of your security, privacy and compliance needs and how it aligns with your environment, culture and operations providing roadmap for how you can take steps to make your organization more secure while focusing on your core business goals and customers to help you grow.

Why Choose Us

 We are a provider of Information Risk Management (IRM) consulting and training company concentrating on midsize business:  We concentrate on helping SMB with Assessments, security and privacy program management, Virtual CISO, and virtual DPO services.

With over twenty years of experience and many satisfied clients from small to the Global 1000 and Fortune 500 companies. CompuMedix uniquely specializes in helping organizations through the complete solution cycle, from assessment, program management to enabling the executive to manage the environment.

CompuMedix uses its industry-leading expertise and CloudXCyber 360 Platform to guide our clients through every step necessary to reach their security, privacy, compliance, and information management goals.

Our Service methods are based on three prong approach:

1. We help you Do it Your Self

2. We work with you

3. We do it for you.





Customer Centric.




Proven solutions




Team Player.


To enable our clients to develop and implement intelligent solutions that efficiently achieve their business, IT, and legal objectives to meet information risk management, information security, privacy  and regulatory compliance requirements.



CompuMedix will always be the premier provider of intelligent, efficient, reliable information risk management solution provide by educational solutions to meet clients Cyber Risks with exponential data growth. We will achieve client satisfaction by delivering unequaled value to our clients. To the best of our abilities, we will always remain client-focused, solution-oriented, straightforward, independent, and innovative to bring the best value to our clients. Long-term partnership with clients will be integral to meet our business objectives. We will be dynamic in meeting the fast-paced evolving need of our clients. Our company culture will foster diversity, innovation, and growth. Our clients will be proud and satisfied to be associated with a dynamic, customer-centrist company..


Our five cornerstone values:



Perseverance, and


Compumedix and it's staff is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. They took the time to understand our processes and provide recommendations that make us a cyber resilliance organization. We are comfortable with their audit process and the desired results to meet our compliance goals.

-VC Company

"Working with the staff at CompuMedix is always a pleasure. They helped us write policies that we never had, did security and vulnerability assessment. Provided us endpoint managed services, We are more secure because of the work they do for us.

CyberSecurity has become an important part of our continuing education for all things Information and Cyber Security. Their webinars and certification classes are relative, current and best of all, not boring.

– Hospital

Frequently Asked Questions


How do we get started?

We believe that knowledge is the greatest enabler for right decision making. We start with a free consultation call to understand your situation and a business goal and provide guidance.


What if we don't have any formal ISMS Setup ?

Many client we work with has implemented cyber security on a ad-hoc basis and do not have a formal ISMS system setup, we guide them to realign security with their business goal and help set up ISMS.


We are a midsize company do we really need Cyber plan?

Recent news is evident that no business is exception when it comes to the cyber crimes. Cyber criminal’s goal is simple, get a financial benefit from any target, by not having a cyber plan puts you at disadvantage when it comes to cyber security.


It is expensive to implement cyber security ?

This is one misconception  that we hear all the time, Based on the needs of your business and associated risk factors you can align the type of cyber security your business needs. Implementing high risk areas first and moving on to the rest over the period of time.

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